Johnny Wonder Releases Statement After 21st Hapilos Split

Contrary to the recent announcement of my termination as Executive Vice President of 21st Hapilos Digital Distribution, I would like to take the time and set the record and my name straight.I, Johnny Wonder after spending 4 years of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week non stop work dedicated to building a company have made the sole decision to walk away from an environment that became otherwise toxic and unhealthy both professionally and personally.

For those of you who know my story, Reggae and Dancehall has been my life for several decades. From my humble beginnings at King Jammys to building the largest digital distributor of dancehall and reggae. It was a labor of love that has come at both great rewards and often controversy, but through it all it is my love for this music that has kept me going, thus for this reason I must address an otherwise personal matter.

Walking away from 21st Hapilos Digital Distribution was a hard decision to make, and I wish them the best on all their future endeavors. I, Johnny Wonder will continue on the path of bringing reggae and dancehall to the international forefront, and trod on the path of education and rewarding all facets of the genre, from engineers to artists, producers to music creators. My journey continues. I remain steadfast in my dedication to my longtime and loyal clients, they are my top priority, business continues bigger and better!

Johnny Wonder



Hapilos Entertainment Group announced today that Johnny Wonder, the Executive Vice of President of 21st Hapilos Digital Distribution Inc. is terminated, effective immediately. The Board of Directors has determined that it was in the best interests of all parties for him to leave the Company.

Other members of the company’s executive management team, will continue Mr. Wonder’s duties. The Company will continue to execute on its initiatives to implement strategies to increase music sales and it is business as usual for clients.

All client queries and distribution requests will be handled directly by the company. We can be emailed at or called at 855 HAPILOS, (212) 256 1691 (US) or (876) 970 4416 in Jamaica. Our qualified team will be ready to assist.

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