Courtney John Puts Passion In Yes We Are

Known for easy-listening songs like Lucky Man and Baby Tonight, singer Courtney John shows a different kind of passion in his latest song, Yes We Are.

It addresses one of the most divisive international issues.

“It is about the refugee and migrant crisis that’s facing the world and it’s a true reflection of the album,” John told the Jamaica Observer.

The ‘album’, his fifth, is scheduled for release in April. Produced by Frenchman Guillaume “Gee” Metenier,

Yes We Are was released last Monday.According to John: “We chose it for the first single because of this particular crisis that is happening now,” he said.

Refugees entering European countries from Syria and Muslim states have divided liberals and right-wingers throughout that continent.

Terrorist bombings by extremist Muslims in France, Belgium and Germany have sparked a rise of right-wing groups in Europe. That backlash has spread to the United States where President Donald Trump has cracked down on undocumented immigrants and seven muslim-majority countries.

Future, Courtney John’s previous album, came out in 2013.

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