Spice, Dancers Make Bed In The Dance

Dancehall artiste Spice is predicting that her new song, ‘Sheet’, will be her first hit for the year 2017.

The song, which was released recently, has already been gaining huge attention in the streets and has created an even stronger buzz in the dancehall.

The female deejay who is known for using aggressive promotion strategies to propel her songs, told THE STAR, that she is not about to drop the ball on her latest project.

The deejay said that she has been hitting the streets hard, taking along not just her dancers, but sheet sets as well. Videos of Team Spice promoting her new song have already been going viral on social media as her dancers have been ‘making their beds and then lying in them’ – literally.

“Team Spice, which includes Danger, TC, Shan Shan, and Dancing Rebel, have taken over the street dances with their sheet in hand to showcase how they whine under the sheets and it has been creating quite a stir in the dancehall and on social media,” she said.


“Using the actual sheet in the dance to promote the song is only to entertain the patrons and create a vibes in the dance. People know me for my creativity, and I always try to come with something different to entertain my fans,” said Spice.

With that said, Spice has not only taken the sheet song and dance to the streets, but has also been using social media as a promotional tool as well, with the sheet challenge gaining popularity each day.

“For a while now people have been debating that a lot of girls live a fab life on social media and don’t have a nice, clean room to show, and so after a strong discussion with a few friends, it birthed the idea to start a sheet challenge,” she said. “Girls will post their room and show off their nice, clean sheet rather than the everyday showing off clothes and shoes. We wanted to challenge hot girls to see how they are really living.”

The song, she says, tells the story of what goes on between the sheets in a fun way that ladies can dance and have fun to and she believes it will go far.

“I’m predicting this song will be my first hit for 2017. It has only been a few days and already, it is the most-talked-about song in the streets,” she said. “SWATCH International gave it a premiere at Nipples Tuesdays, and the videos are viral everywhere right now, with the dancers and their sheets in the middle of the dance. Every selector calling me for the song right now, so I know by the immediate buzz, that it’s going to be a next ‘gyal anthem’.”

A video for the song is expected in short order as Spice revealed that she was already in talks with Xtreme Arts to shoot the video as soon as possible.

Source: Spice, dancers make bed in the dance | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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