Following Release From Prison… Anju Blaxx Explores Solo Artiste Career

Well-known dancehall producer Anju Blaxx ended 2016 as a featured producer on one of alternate hip-hop’s most controversial albums. Now, the producer begins this year with a slew of new projects in mind, as well as the intention to expand his profession into becoming a disc jock and a solo performer.

“I will probably drop 12 or 13 dancehall rhythms before the year ends,” said Anju Blaxx, who was freed of several charges last year.

In August, Anju Blaxx, real name Andrew Myrie, pleaded guilty in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court to aiding in making a false declaration to Jamaica Customs in 2013. He was fined $250,000.

alleged involvement

Previously, the producer was on a list of Jamaicans indicted by US prosecutors in North Dakota for alleged involvement in lottery scamming. In February 2015, he was arrested by law-enforcement officers on charges of conspiracy, wire fraud and money laundering.

Those charges were eventually dismissed in August last year.

Although he had his fair share of legal woes in the past two years, the producer has major plans as it relates to music.

The producer told THE STAR that he is working on an album with Tommy Lee, which he expects will be ready for release before the end of the year.

“Along with those other projects, I’m dropping an EP for Black Diamond soon, and I have a song that I did myself,” he said.

many projects

He also told THE STAR that no release date for the single has been set, but there are plans to film the music video in February 2016.

“I’m also starting up my sound system. We have all the equipment now. It’s called Anju Blaxx & Jiggy Biggz,” he said.

These are just some of the many projects that Anju Blaxx has been working on in recent times.

Last September, Blaxx and fellow producer Justus produced a song called Survivor, the 12th track on international artiste M.I.A.’s alleged final album called AIM.

This year, Blaxx plans to work in studio with a Russian artiste called Rigos, and a Guadeloupean (French) artiste called Admiral T, both of whom are renowned dancehall artistes in their native countries.

Anju Blaxx told THE STAR that he worked on two songs to be featured on Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley’s upcoming album, Stony Hill, to be released this month.

“I also worked on a song with Jah Cure and Mya. It was produced by myself, Justus, and Tristan Boston, and it’s called Only You,” he continued.

Locally, the producer has even more projects coming out of the woodwork.

“I have a song going good with Popcaan right now called Fresh Jordans,” he said.

This month, Blaxx is preparing for the release of the ‘Sigma’ rhythm, which features the vocal works of Popcaan, Bugle, Tommy Lee, Black Diamond, Konshens, Shane-O, La-Ren, Jaternal, among others.

Source: Following release from prison… Anju Blaxx explores solo artiste career | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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