Macka Diamond Injured After Shots Trigger ‘Stampede’ At Ghetto Splash

Dancehall superstar Macka Diamond injured her ankle during a stampede during the Ghetto Splash show at the Waterhouse mini-stadium in Olympic Gardens, St Andrew.

She plans to do x-rays on the ankle on Thursday because the swelling hasn’t gone down.

“I am in a lot of pain, I hardly could sleep last night. I twisted my ankle running from a stampede after shots were fired at the Ghetto Splash event. Mi did done perform and backstage ah hold a vibe and take picture with the fans. I was sitting down on a chair when mi hear the shots fired. Mi see Don Mafia ah run like Usain Bolt and the whole crowd ah move towards me and mi ease up offa the chair and ran. I was going to run in the direction of my car, but too many people were stampeding in every direction,” she said.
“Mi run towards a tent, and mi dive down and go inna the tent, and luckily it was the first aid tent, and one of the guys iced it for me, and i called Prang the dancer and he helped me to my car,” she said.
On Wednesday, a video showing a wigless Macka Diamond performing alongside emcee Sample Man, went viral all over the Internet. During the performance, her wig fell off but Macka Diamond did not miss a beat and continued to reel off hits. But as happy as she is at the public attention, she is in a lot of pain.

“All when mi lie down, mi ankle ah hurt me, mi ice it last night and the pain ease up so I could sleep.But I am going to get some x-rays done,” she said.

Source: Macka Diamond injured after shots trigger ‘stampede’ at Ghetto Splash | Loop News Jamaica

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