Leave Abusive Relationships Now! – Female Entertainers Saddened By Women Killed In Domestic Disputes

Following the increase in the cases of violent acts against women in recent weeks, female dancehall artistes are advising abusive men to take their ‘bun’ peacefully. They also are also encouraging the women who have been abused to leave these toxic relationships.

Statistics released by the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) show that 24 women have been killed in domestic disputes since the start of the year.

While she was lucky enough not to be among the statistics, Destiny Q.O.P, formerly Destiny Sparta, revealed that she was beaten by her ex-lover on numerous occasions. She told The STAR that relocating to Kingston from Montego Bay may have saved her life.

“I am distraught because I came from an abusive relationship where I was beaten. I can’t understand how a man can love a woman and beat her. They should realise they come from women and have sisters,” she said.

misleading men

Destiny Q.O.P also feels men are hypocritical, especially in Jamaica where men celebrate a lifestyle of promiscuity.

“They give the most bun, but as you give dem likkle bun, dem wah kill yuh. Dem fi hold dem bun and guh siddung and digest it,” she said.

The Mek Wi Touch singer also advised women to avoid misleading men if they know they are only in a relationship for financial gain.

“Be honest and let the person know what you are about. Maybe you will grow to love them. But let a man know if he is only a friend with benefit instead of trying to take his money and play with his heart. But that still don’t give dem the right to chop off wi head,” she said.

Destiny Q.O.P is gearing up to release an anti-domestic violence song titled Love Hate. The record, which she hopes will empower other women, will document her experiences of living with her abusive spouse.


Meanwhile, Dancehall Queen Latesha believes some women are attracted to violent men. She, however, warns that such a fetish can be deadly.”Know your worth, and stop run down hype, and don’t take threats for joke. Also, don’t date a man for his things. Don’t dweet, no matter how the love for likes sweet yuh. As for the men, if you can’t take bun, then just don’t do it. People are going into relationships for the wrong things these days,” she said.

As an artiste that has used her voice for various causes, reggae artiste Queen Ifrica is still baffled by the situation, and she believes the Government should be putting in place legislation to protect women’s rights.

“Parliament needs to put in a legislation to protect women, especially poor black women because they are on the losing end. Until the majority rise up and stand up against the present situation, we will not have the serious change that is needed,” she said.

Describing the act of murdering women as inhumane, Stacious believes a demon of death is behind the heinous acts. Nonetheless, she is encouraging couples to seek help.

“If you can’t get counseling, walk away. Get some friend or family to kotch wid and start over,” she said.

Source: Leave abusive relationships now! – Female entertainers saddened by women killed in dosmetic disputes | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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