Instruments Donated To Three Schools

The Sanmerna Foundation, Japanese Peace Boat and the One Love Festival Jamaica have partnered to bringing musical instruments to three schools.

 Officials from each school were presented with a number of musical instruments which will be added to their music department. These schools which benefited are the Alpha Institute, Balmagie Primary School and Pembroke Hall High School. It was noted that while the donation may not be able to assist all the students, those who are able to be guided musically have shown improvement in their day to day existence, as they have to apply the discipline they’ve learnt from music to other aspects of their lives.

Sanmerna Foundation Director Robert White is very pleased to have partnered with these entities as he reiterates that the prime purpose in life is to improve the quality of life of the grass roots communities. The Sanmerna Foundation Limited was formulated on this vision and has been carrying the mandate in the distribution of these instruments.

The foundation aims to continue this partnership and extend it to other schools in the coming years, in keeping with their mission statement — ‘Improving the quality of life in inner-city youths and the elderly through education, health and sports.’

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