Vybz Kartel Laughing At Alkaline New Diss Calling It “Soft”

Vybz Kartel will be responding to Alkaline new diss track this week but sources are telling us that the incarcerated deejay laugh when he heard the song for the first time.

The Vendetta deejay surprised everyone on Sunday when he released the gritty diss track “Ricochet” produced by DJ Frass. But it didn’t went as smooth as he would hope, because the track was pulled from YouTube a few hours after it was released, prompting fans to start criticizing him calling him a coward.

Seems Vybz Kartel is feeling the same way, sources inside the Gaza camp are telling. “The World Boss just laugh because the song soft and then it was taken down moments after them put it up,” sources said. “That was a coward move show you that theym afraid of the World Boss even from behind bars.”

Alkaline’s diss track “Ricochet” reviews have been split down the middle with fans of the Vendetta and Gullyside heaping rave reviews while Gaza fans trashing it. Nevertheless, Vybz Kartel will be issuing a response to both Alka and Mavado this week.

Source: Vybz Kartel Laughing At Alkaline New Diss Calling It “Soft”

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