Nadine Sutherland Earns Masters Degree

Jamaican singer Nadine Sutherland flashed a big smile as she donned her blue graduation garb on Monday to pose for pictures.

Sutherland will graduate with a Masters of Arts in Cultural Studies from the University of the West Indies this week. She expressed her joy on her social media page.

“Being helped into my graduate garbs for my pictures. It’s official, Nadine Sutherland, Masters of Arts in Cultural Studies. University of the West Indies, Class of 2016,” said in a message accompanying a photo of her being assisted into her gown.

Sutherland grew up in the public’s eye, having won the Tastee Talent Contest as an 11-year-old in 1979.

She has a number of hit songs including the chart-topping Action with Terror Fabulous, Babyface and I’m In Love.

FEATURED PHOTO: Jamaican singer Nadine Sutherland being helped into her graduation garb. (Instagram)

Source: Nadine Sutherland earns Masters degree | Loop News Jamaica

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