Food Kartel Is Dead

Comic deejay Food Kartel is dead. The entertainer, whose given name is Courtney Broughton, passed away on Wednesday evening three days after reportedly suffering a stroke.

He was in his early 40s.

Fellow entertainers expressed their condolence through social media.

“Food Kartel loved life. He was always happy and jovial, and this quality was always highlighted in his performances. He loved music and was a real ‘vibes’ man, who even in trying times, would be smiling. His death really came as a surprise as he wasn’t really sick, his (blood) pressure just went up, and he got a heart attack, then a stroke,” wrote deejay Macka Diamond.

 Food Kartel is survived by nine children.

The comedian-artiste was known for humorous renditions of popular dancehall songs with food as the main theme.

They include

Kitchen Hero, Dumpling Tight, Brown Stew Fish, and

Hot Rice

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