Alkaline & Mavado Rumored To Drop Callab Dissing Vybz Kartel This Weekend

Mavado and Alkaline are currently crafting a response to Vybz Kartel‘s recent diss track “Round Corna.”Since Vybz Kartel drop his diss track last weekend, fans have been trolling Mavado and Alkaline on social media about why they are taking so long to respond. But turns out that they have been busy in the studio.

“You can look out for a response by this weekend and I tell you its going to shake the landscape,” a rep for the Gullyside singer told us. “Sometimes you can’t let the fans make you rush and put out music that is not ready. Irregardless if its war songs or songs for the ladies or any other theme we want to make sure its quality music, but we can’t say that about the other side with the crap they are putting out.”

Vybz Kartel continues to get mix reviews for his gritty diss track “Round Corna” with some fans calling it a great effort while others says the lyrics are below his standard.

Source: Alkaline & Mavado rumoured to drop callab dissing Vybz Kartel This Weekend |

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