Peter Tosh’s Grammy is safe! – Singer’s estate says award was not pawned

Rick Eberle, publicist of record for the Peter Tosh Estate, is claiming that that items now in the possession of a pawn shop owner are replicas and not the original pieces.

The United States-based on Tuesday reported that the 1987 Grammy Award won by the late singer was in the possession of a pawn shop owner in Somerville, Massachusetts after being sold by a family member some five months ago.

However, Eberle said the story published by was erroneous. He said that the original Grammy Award as well as the guitar belonging to the famous singer were safe and in the possession of the administrator’s of the Peter Tosh Estate.

“In addition to Peter’s M16 guitar and other personal affects, both his Grammy Award and Martin acoustic guitar are in the possession of the administrator of the Peter Tosh Estate,” Eberle said in a statement yesterday.

“The items will be displayed for the first time ever this year at the new Peter Tosh Museum Grand Opening in New Kingston, Jamaica, fittingly on October 19th, which is Peter’s Earth Strong Day,” it continued.

In January of this year, on the heels of the 40th anniversary of the release of Tosh’s hit single, Legalise It, Kingsley Cooper, chairman of Pulse Investments Limited, signed papers on the company’s behalf to kick-start the project that would see the establishment of the Peter Tosh Museum.

Contacted yesterday, Cooper told THE STAR that he didn’t know what to believe when he first heard the news regarding the Grammy award.

“I had no idea what to think, having heard a few versions of the story from here and abroad. Most sounded too outlandish to be believed, so I reserved my opinion until I was in receipt of the facts,” he said.

Cooper said his only concern with the story was the adverse impact it may have had on public opinion regarding the soon-to-open museum. He is now hoping that all this new attention will mean positive things for the museum when it opens.

When the Peter Tosh Museum opens on October 19, Jamaicans and visitors from around the world will get the opportunity to see a collection of Tosh memorabilia and artefacts including Tosh’s famous M16 guitar and his beloved unicycle. Some of the treasures will be displayed to the public for the first time. Exclusive merchandise will also be available for sale at the museum.

“This will probably be positive in the end, as there is now yet another reason for fans to visit the museum to see the Grammy award and this particular guitar,” he said.

“I know where the museum exhibits are, so I knew they would be available for viewings come October 19 when the museum opens,” Cooper said.

Source: Peter Tosh’s Grammy is safe! – Singer’s estate says award was not pawned | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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