Olympic host bashed for Bolt, Marley comment

New York’s number one radio show, The Breakfast Club, has given American sportscaster/Olympic host Bob Costas the ‘Donkey of The Day’ ‘award’ for saying Usain Bolt is more famous than Bob Marley.


Following Bolt’s historic win in the 100m final at the ongoing Rio Olympics, Bob Costas commented on the athlete’s present legendary status saying: “Apologies to all you reggae fans but I think that Bolt has even outdistanced Bob Marley the way he outdistances the field,” Costas said.

Controversial Breakfast Club host Charlemange Da God, who presented the Donkey of The Day dishonour to Costas, stated that a Usain Bolt and Bob Marley comparison is not fair since they are from two separate disciplines. He also said Bob Marley is way more famous than Usain Bolt.

“That is a prime example of being a prisoner of the moment. We have to use these moments to preserve culture and teach because if we leave it up to some people they will try to rewrite the history books. I don’t understand why Bob Costas even saw the need to compare the late great Bob Marley and Usain Bolt. It’s an athlete and a musician. Have we in America ever compared the fame between Lebron James and Beyonce? Did we ever do that with Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson? Usain Bolt surpassing Bob Marley? Bob Costas, stop it,” he said.

The host further ate into Costas claim, stating that Bob Marley was more than just an artiste. “Kids listen to me, Usain Bolt has won three consecutive Olympics, that is a big deal. But Bob Marley has sold over 70 million records to date, maybe more. Bob Marley was the voice of a revolution ok, a social political figure who brought leaders from Jamaica’s political factions together onstage and made them hold hands while he played his music. Google Bob Marley’s One Love Peace concert and see what I am talking about. We live in an era where people can’t even get 50 Cent and Ja Rule to shake hands with each other. No disrespect to Usain Bolt, but track can’t do that … when you talk about Bob Marley you still find a man that is engraved in everything today. Walk down the street today in USA and you will still find a Bob Marley T-shirt, a Bob Marley magnet on somebody’s refrigerator, Bob Marley air freshener in somebody’s car. At Bob Marley’s funeral, Edward Seaga said Bob was an experience. Such a man cannot be erased from the mind, he is part of the collective consciousness of the nation, and I would say the world,” Charlemange said.

The host further stated that Bob Marley has 74.9 million followers on Facebook while Usain Bolt has only 17.5 million. “Not taking anything away from Usain Bolt, he is the man, but Bob Marley he is not … These guys run in two different lanes. Usain Bolt has to do a lot more than win track meets to even be mentioned in the same breath as Bob Marley. He has to step it up on the activism side. Same way it is hard to compare any athlete in America to Muhammad Ali because of the man he was outside of the ring. Yes, Usain Bolt has won gold medals, but has he changed the world? Because that is what Bob Marley did, Bob Costas. God bless Usain Bolt and everything that he did on the track, but he has to do a whole lot more off the track to be compared to the late great Bob Marley,” he said before presenting the Donkey of The Day to Costas.







He also said there are other things from Jamaica more popular than Usain Bolt, for example, Red Stripe, marijuana and Jamaican curry goat

Source: Olympic host bashed for Bolt, Marley comment | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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