Beenie Man Blast Mr. Vegas “…I Was Paid By Drake For Sample..”

Last month Mr. Vegas released a video on social media blasting Drake for sampling dancehall on his Views album and not giving the artists credit. Drake’s single “Controlla” sampled Beenie’s classic but the dancehall deejay’s name was not in the credits on the album. MV took issue with that and issued a stern message to the 6 God and other international artists.

Unlike Mr. Vegas, Beenie Man says he has no problem with not getting credit because he was paid for the sample. “Him don’t have to give you rights on his album because him pay for it already,” Beenie Man said. “You done have your rights already because you are the original writer.”

“Mr Vegas has a point, but they sampled Mr Vegas like 900 million times, but he never speaks about that,” Beenie Man added. “Why when they sample us he wants to talk about us? Andrew Thomas and Tony Kelly eat when Drake sampled this song because they made the rhythm, so it’s not only me and Drake eat. Other families are being fed. If every artiste follows Mr Vegas’ opinion, you will have no songs because everybody would be sitting down waiting on recognition.”

Mr. Vegas said in another interview that he wants to do a collaboration with Drake or Rihanna so that he can get more exposure.

Beenie Man and Mr. Vegas previously collaborated on the 1999 single “Badman Nuh Flee.” The riddim for that track was sample on Rihanna’s smash hit single “Work.”

Source: Beenie Man Blast Mr. Vegas ‘I Was Paid By Drake For Sample’

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