RDX generating heat with LOL

The duo RDX has made their name with a number of dance-inspired songs including Dance, Everybody Dance, Ben Ova, and Daggering.

Renegade and Delomar’s latest hit is LOL, produced by Apt 19 Music. The song is based on a popular dance move of the same name.

“We looked at what was happening on di dance floor and saw that everybody and dem Granny a do di dance, but those who claim to be responsible for dancing wasn’t singing about it because they or their friends didn’t create it. RDX obeyed di dance floor and created di song,” said Delomar.

RDX makes their directorial debut with the video for LOL which was filmed in Arnett Gardens.

They host the weekly ShellaPosse Tuesdays at Lobster Belly in Braeton, Portmore.

“Not much happens in Portmore during the week; the events are mostly in Kingston. The people been crying out for a weekly dancehall party such as this in Portmore. Plus, we give our fellow artist the opportunity to showcase their latest singles,” Delomar explained.

Source: RDX generating heat with LOL – Entertainment – JamaicaObserver.com

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