Magnum Dream Live Brings Dancehall to the World

Dancehall is certainly one of the things that instantly springs to mind when people around the world hear the word ‘Jamaica’. It’s a beat at the heart of Jamaica, emulated by some of the most popular artistes in the world. And stage shows and dancehall are inextricably linked.

A concert like the Magnum Dream Live — the epic start to 2016’s Appleton Special Dream Weekend on Thursday, July 28 – isn’t just a place to dance and enjoy the music, though that’s certainly a major part, such a high-profile event is a key way to support and promote local dancehall talent to its thousands of attendees from Jamaica to as far as Japan.

“Magnum Dream Live is a platform that the world is looking at. When artistes do well on Magnum Dream Live, it increases their global appeal and bookings,” said Scott Dunn, managing director of Dream Entertainment and Magnum Dream Live promoter.

Gary Dixon, marketing director at J Wray & Nephew Ltd, producers of Magnum Tonic Wine, explained the need to incorporate a dancehall stage show to a party series such as Appleton Special Dream Weekend.

“Dancehall is a critical part of our country’s entertainment tourism package. The “stage show” is the ultimate in dancehall culture. Magnum Dream Live is bringing the hottest local acts in dancehall to one stage showcasing our magnetic culture,” he said.

Celebrating and promoting local dancehall talent isn’t only beneficial to the performers themselves and a good show for the local audience, but it enhances the overall pull of ‘Brand Jamaica’ on a global scale, drawing in visitors and boosting tourism.

“Appleton Special Dream Weekend gets over 20,000 tourists every year who come to enjoy dancehall and other aspects of our food, lifestyle, and culture,” said Dixon.

There are many reasons locals and tourists alike will be excited by a stage show like this one. Magnum Dream Live scheduled to be held at Cayenne Beach in Negril will feature a live band and showcases the best up-and-coming and hottest acts in dancehall: Bounty Killer, Popcaan, Ding Dong, Masicka, Spice, Magnum King Accid, Magnum Queen Clymaxx, and comedienne & singer Bella Blair.

“They are the best dancehall acts available,” said Dunn.

“Popcaan has a host of hot tunes and a massive following; Bounty Killer is one of the best ever; Spice is the most energetic and engaging artiste we have; Ding Dong is a great entertainer; Masicka is building a nice hype; and Bella Blair and the Magnum King and Queen are the future,” Dunn added.

Dancehall fans will get the chance to see eight of the genre’s most talented acts hit the stage for $3,000 ($5,000 for VIP), a phenomenal way to get a mouth-watering taste of the new generation and vibe with the veterans.

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