Did Jah Cure RIP OFF Ethiopian Promoter and disappoints fans?

jahcureAmid Consistent Appearance Woes, Grammy Nominated International Reggae Artist Jah Cure Booked an Engagement WITHOUT the Means of Appearing to the land RASTAFARIANS CALL HOME…..Ethiopia!In February 2016, Jah Cure real name “Siccature Alcock” was scheduled to appear in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The performance was facilitated by the well-known Kingston based booking agency-Headline Entertainment known to represent some of reggaes most prominent artists. It was a dream of the promotion company to bring conscious music to the homeland of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I. The promoter took on the arduous task of bringing the controversial artist to the East.

No one had any idea that Jah Cure would not secure the necessary visas after being paid $24,000 and five months of promotion. Jah Cure nor his management made promoters aware that Jah Cure did not have the means to travel until four days before the performance date. Jah Cure is no stranger for leaving promoters holding the bag. According to the Trinidadian media company, The Guardian, Jah Cure was arrested in 2015 for owing a Trinidadian promoter $83,000 for a concert that did not materialize. The irony is that Jah Cure’s social media pages are flooded with proud moments from his European tour. Promoters are obviously disappointed and have suffered a huge financial lost. Die hard Jah Cure fans that traveled from the United States and Europe to Ethiopia to see him perform were also very disappointed and financially out.

To date, Promoters have not received any monies from Jah Cure. Instead, they have been met with multiple excuses. Ethiopia has recently been musically blessed by Chronixx and Morgan Heritage. Disappointed Ethiopian concert goers hope that the culture that reggae artists chant is real enough for them to bless their country with their appearance.

Disappointed fans that supported the concert left comments on the Singer’s IG page and was met with slanderous comments and eventually blocked by Jah Cure.

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